Lighting your home the Right Way

Lighting is an essential ingredient when it comes to the flow of space, ambience & overall feel in your home. Right lighting choices can transform your space, lift your spirits, make you feel good & even increase your productivity.

Here are a few brilliant hacks to brighten your space, save energy & give your home a entirely fresh look.

Choose A lighting Focal Point

Every room has a different focal point. For a relatively bigger space, such as the living room or the dining room, a chandelier can make for a great focal point. For Smaller rooms a distinctive lamp or vintage inspired sconces can make for an excellent focal point

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Consider Scale

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While choosing the light fixtures it is important to consider the scale of the room as we definitely do not want lighting to overpower the room. In general, length plus width should be equal to the diameter of the fixture, chandelier for instance.

Layer Lighting

Layers of lighting can help highlight the extra details in your rooms. Aim to have at least three sources of light in every space. For smaller spaces, use bulbs of low wattage & smaller light fixtures to accommodate fewer square feet.

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Explore Dimmers

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Dimmers are a great way of changing a room's ambience, plus they also help you cut down on your electricity bill. You can install dimmer switches with as many fixtures as you'd like. This gives you extra control to change the mood & balance the light.

Explore Colour Temperatures

Colour temperatures can vastly improve the quality of light. Consider warm white light bulbs for living rooms & bed rooms but bright lights can used for kitchens & workspaces.

Be picky about bulbs

Consider using energy efficient bulbs in the most used light xtures. These would be long lasting & can help cut down on your power bill.

Consider night lights

Bathroom breaks in the middle of the night can get worse with harsh lighting which causes temporary blindness when you click the switch. Consider using floor level lighting in stairways, hallways & bathroom

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Light up the corner

Cover up empty awkward corners with oversized floor lamps. Make sure the lamp complements the finish & material to the space around it.